Dementia & Alzheimer’s Guide

Types Of Dementia

Dementia: Different Classification & Unusual Forms Generally, Dementia is a condition of memory loss. People who have Dementia often realize the symptoms of the condition only during its middle stages. There are different kinds or groups of Dementia. Several diseases are ...

Dementia: Doctors & Medic...

Dementia & Alzheimer's Dementia is a problem related to the brain. So, it may require several types of doctors to diagnose, treat or manage dementia. They are listed below: [caption id="attachment_40" align="alignleft" width="300" caption=" "]Credit: flickr[/caption] Allopathic Physician - This doctor is ...

Untreatable Dementia

Precautions and Treatment of Dementia People suffering from Dementia develop a mental block resulting in severe memory loss and other related symptoms of the disorder. Dementia is caused by a damage to the brain cells. And it is true that once ...

Dementia Help

Help for Dementia Patients Having a disease can really be difficult. One has to undergo several treatments and medications just to alleviate the pain and suffering brought about by the condition. But it must be much more difficult if the patient's ...

Dementia: Doctors & Medical Specialists

Dementia & Alzheimer’s

Dementia is a problem related to the brain. So, it may require several types of doctors to diagnose, treat or manage dementia. They are listed below:

 sCredit: flickr

Allopathic Physician – This doctor is a first level physician who deals with the musculoskeletal system. He/she generally deals with physical or internal injuries to the brain.

This kind of physician can help find the cause of Dementia through various kinds of tests including Access CT Scans, ultrasounds, Electrocardiogram and Physical examinations. He/she can then cure basic Dementia through spinal manipulation, minor surgeries, etc. He/she can also provide medication and counsel.

Certified Nursing Assistant – This is a health specialist whose work is directed by nurses. He/she can help maintain vital signs and take care of Dementia patients. This kind of specialist can be very helpful in managing patients and can assist them in almost every possible field.

Family Practice Physician – This physician can be the first step towards detecting and diagnosing Dementia. They can also provide references to doctors specializing in Dementia and can help a patient through prescription, counsel and advise.

General Practitioner – This doctor diagnoses and treats Dementia. They can also provide further references to specialists in the field of Dementia and also provide medications and counsel.

Geriatric Medicine Specialist – This specialist diagnoses and treats problems in older patients. They can be a vital help for older people with Dementia. They can refer to more specialists and prescribe basic Dementia medication too.

Internist – This is a doctor dealing with adult care. These specialists can do access CT scans, ultrasounds and x-rays. They can also help through counsel, suturing and health education.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor – This doctor provides counseling for mental health patients and can refer to experts.

Licensed Nurse – This professional has their work directed by doctors and can be useful for tests and providing information about care for the patient.

Neurosurgeon – This specialist can be the most important help needed for curing and diagnosing Dementia patients. They can prescribe medicines, can provide counsel and can also examine every aspect of mental activity.

Psychiatrist – This mental behavior specialist can help soothe the Dementia patient and can also give him or her hope for a better future. They can at the same time manage Dementia patients.

Other doctors include Psychologists who are similar to psychiatrists, Osteopathic Physicians and Nurse practitioners who serve their important purpose. Medical help in the field of Dementia is very important and can make all the difference between cure and lapsing into a nonreturnable state.

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