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Dementia Support Groups

Dementia & Alzheimer’s

Dementia is a medical condition that requires a lot of help and support for the patient. A dementia patient and his family may have difficulty dealing with the situation by themselves. The existence of support groups and institutions is definitely a big help for them.

Dementia Care CentersThere are day hospitals and care centers in most communities that specialize in this mental disorder. Generally, these institutions provide therapies for the patient. Some techniques are also applied by caregivers and nurses to help the patient improve their gradually decreasing memory.

These techniques include reminding the patient the time of the day, naming a familiar person, and remembering some of the patient’s personal background.

As the stage of Dementia progresses, the patient needs increasing care and support as well. If the family members cannot provide the support needed by the patient, it is best to search for different care centers in the area.

Thorough checking of the institution is advised so as to make sure that the patient will be in good hands. A residential care center can give the patient special personal care and time; whereas, nursing care is easily available at specialized nursing homes.

There are local social service groups that can assess the present condition of the Dementia patient and recommend the best treatment for the condition based on the assessment. These groups can even provide an estimated cost for the treatment of this condition.

If the patient’s family decides to keep the patient in their own house, the following aspects of patient care should be maintained.

1. The patient should claim welfare benefits from all possible sources.

2. Special equipment such as special type of shower, special type of wheel chair, raised seat of toilet, and improved heating system must be incorporated inside the house to give relief to a patient.

3. A short time respite care can be called to the home if needed.

4. Some agencies provide sheltered accommodation for a Dementia patient which can be rented or bought.

Local support groups provide all the necessary information. If the local social service group is unable to provide specific information, it is always advised to take assistance from help centers of other areas. Local Alzheimer’s Society or Age Concern group may help in providing some important information.

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