Dementia & Alzheimer’s Guide

Types Of Dementia

Dementia: Different Classification & Unusual Forms Generally, Dementia is a condition of memory loss. People who have Dementia often realize the symptoms of the condition only during its middle stages. There are different kinds or groups of Dementia. Several diseases are ...

Dementia: Doctors & Medic...

Dementia & Alzheimer's Dementia is a problem related to the brain. So, it may require several types of doctors to diagnose, treat or manage dementia. They are listed below: [caption id="attachment_40" align="alignleft" width="300" caption=" "]Credit: flickr[/caption] Allopathic Physician - This doctor is ...

Dementia & Alzheimer̵...

Alzheimer's Disease: Cause of Dementia Dementia is a condition that is depicted with a loss of mental functions in some areas including memory, judgment, language, visual and spatial abilities. It is a serious health condition that alters the patient's way of ...

Dementia Help

Help for Dementia Patients Having a disease can really be difficult. One has to undergo several treatments and medications just to alleviate the pain and suffering brought about by the condition. But it must be much more difficult if the patient's ...

Dementia Support Services

Dementia & Alzheimer’s

Taking care of a Dementia sufferer brings a new challenge everyday. It is often difficult, and may sometimes seem overwhelming. You should know, however, that there are support services available. The first step to getting support is obtaining any information you can on the topic of Dementia.

There are many organizations spread the world over that can help you on this. Support services include:

Counseling: This can be especially useful for the patient as well as the caregiver. They can learn about new developments and also learn about ways to take care.

Health Services: These services also provide valuable services –

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1. The family doctor is the first to respond. He/she prescribes medicines and refers you to further specialists.

2. The CDAMSC or Cognitive Dementia and Memory Service Clinic can help in early diagnosis and identification. It is also especially helpful in prescribing medicines.

3. ACAS or Aged Care Assessment Service.

4. District Nursing Services.

5. Other health services including speech therapy, podiatry, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Home Support Services: Some of these services for Dementia patients staying at home, and for their caretakers are:

  • Community Aged Care Packages.
  • Meals on Wheels providing home-delivered meals.
  • Home help that can offer help with showering, cleaning, and dressing.
  • The Independent Living Centre in each State provides different services designed to promote safe living.

Respite care: Family members and caregivers also need to have breaks from time to time from taking care of their Dementia patient. This can be done by arranging regular respite care for the Dementia patient. Respite care has different types depending on the setup:

  • Residential respite – this service is available in nursing homes and hostels to allow the caregiver to take a break from taking care of the patient.
  • In-home respite – gives assistance in the home to enable the caregiver to have short time off away from home.
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Dementia Support Services

Dementia & Alzheimer's Taking care of a Dementia sufferer brings a new challenge everyday. It is often difficult, and may sometimes seem overwhelming. You should know, however, that there are support ...

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